Where did you get that cute dress you wore to a wedding awhile back? I need to find a cute one for a wedding and I'm running out of store options!

It’s from the designer Mara Hoffman, I actually got if off Zappos :) check out they have SO much stuff and I order from there all the time!

another long day of being treated like shit from the people i work for. sigh

I think it’s funny when a guy refers to me as a tease, excuse me for working my ass off for the past 2 years and showing off my body with confidence and not wanting your creepy hands to touch it. Just because I don’t want you all over me doesn’t make me a tease. Lol. Guys.

HOW can you be so hot? what the actual fuck? what motivates you to stay on track every single day? you're one of my inspirations no joke!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK YOU'RE SMOKIN' DOE

Hahaha oh my god I love you, I’ve had a rough day so far and I needed this so thank you so much you perfect angelface! You guys motivate me to keep going, I literally have no clue where I would be without any of you. You’re as much of an inspiration to me as I am to you without a doubt!