decided i am going to compete in a bikini comp next year!

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I’m over the crop top, short shorts, tight dress, short skirt, thigh highs life. I really just want to throw it all away and get a legitimate adult wardrobe haha. No mo. Also I’m praying to the lawd I’ll get an interview for one of the places I’ve applied to soon because I can not taking working at Forever 21 any more. My dad wants me to just walk out and quit, but I know I need to have another job before I do that. Or at least an interview set up.

So I need some advice! I'm really wanting to lose weight because I am at my all time highest weight which is 203. I don't even like meeting or talking to guys because I'm self conscious! Well I work fully time (9-5) mon-wed, (sat-sunday) and I go to school at night (7-10:30)(mon-thurs) And I legit have no time to work out cause I get home by 11 and not in bed until 1130 and I wake up at 7. Do you have any tips for me trying to lose weight??

Wow you really must work your bum off, that’s so impressive! I love hearing from people who are constantly dedicated to full time jobs, while going to school for many hours everyday because I could never do it (as much as I desperately wish I had the motivation). At the end of the day weight loss is really about what you eat, if you can’t eat 80 percent healthy than exercise not nearly as effective or important to begin with! Although any kind of exercise is amazing if you can make a little time for it so I don’t want to say it’s not important of course haha. Start by looking at what you’re eating. Cut out as much processed junk as you can and replace is by healthy foods, cut out the soda and other sugary drinks and replace that with water. You don’t need to completely flip your diet in one day, but making ANY kind of small changes can ultimately lead to big changes. Add a a fruit to every breakfast, add veggies to every lunch or dinner. Drink as much water as you can regardless of the fact you’ll be peeing every 5 seconds. I know it’s hard, but I also know you can do it as long as you truly want it. As far as exercise goes, carve in a little time 3 times a week! My workouts range from 25-40 minutes every day, I workout full time as well so half of me understands how difficult it is to get it in when you’re constantly busy (I’m not in school for most of the week so I definitely do not expect you to exercise every day). But just waking up 20 minutes earlier 2 or 3 times a week, and trying out a short workout video (Jillian Michael’s DVDs get me through the winter because I don’t belong to a gym, but I always workout before work in the morning). Check out some of her DVDs, they range between 20-40 minutes and each one kicks my ass. Either that or you can grab a jump rope and try and get 15-20 minutes of that in a few times a week. Any kind of exercise whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour is amazing! You got it girl, just give it your all. I understand how difficult it is and I’m always here to talk. I’m sorry it took a few days to respond I hope you see this!!!! Xoxo

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Hey there! I am really impressed of your results in training. I wan t you to help me because I want to start train but dont know from where to begin,i dont know how to find a good fitness program. Can you help me? :))) Btw sorry for the bad english.

Your English is great! Thank you so much love. I don’t really have a specific program I follow, I just do my own thing these days I suppose! It’s all about being kind to your body, drinking lots of water, and limiting processed junk. As far as exercise goes, I do a lot of body strength training. I make up my own workouts now, which include circuit training (lots of jump rope in between) and 10+ pound dumbbells. But for a beginner I always suggest what I did which was Jillian Michael’s DVDs, her videos did everything in more for me as a beginner and up to this day. Check them out on Amazon! They’re just amazing workouts. Xoxo



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