I just want a cute, tall, sarcastically funny guy to talk to all day and call me pretty ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

hey Molly , stop killing us with your beauty

LOVE YOU :) :) :) <3 xoxoxoxoxo

Looking through your pictures motivates me so much! ugh I just adore you! <3 xoxo

You’re the best, thank you so much :) xoxo ♡♡♡♡

I’m so frustrated. And I’m even more frustrated because I can’t vent about what I’m frustrated about on here because people who know me in real life that follow me will see it and know who I’m talking about and tell other people I don’t want to know. So now I’m just left wanting to punch someone’s face. >:(

Hey Molly! First of all: I absolutely love you selfies #selfiegamestrong You are so pretty and looking at them makes me happy somehow :D Secondly, what does your everyday schedule usually look like? I know you work out each day *idol* but how do you personally fit it in? Like do you excercise in the mornings or during breaks or in the evening or just whenever?(: ❤️

Awh you’re so sweet!! Thank you very much :). Well I work about 5 days a week (crappy retail job at Forever 21) and usually my shifts will be 10am-6pm or 3pm-11pm. If my shift starts at 10 I will wake up around 7 and get a 30 minute workout in, eat, shower, get ready etc. If I work at 3 then I just get in my exercise in any time before 1pm! I always get my work outs in before 4 pm! And I always workout before work, because if I don’t I will definitely find an excuse not to afterwards, plus if I do it before I am SO happy I did later on in the day! Haha there’s always time to get a little exercise in :) <3 xoxo